Philosophical Issues in Aristotles Biology

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This episode is related to Aristotle.

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Deductive and Inductive Reasoning (Bacon vs Aristotle - Scientific Revolution)

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Man, God, and Rain: Is Aristotelian Teleology Hierarchical?

They had a daughter and named her Pythias after her mother. His work contains the earliest recorded formal study of logic. The dating of the treatises is uncertain because they have undergone at least two revisions. The first cause, the material cause, is the matter that constitutes a thing. The second cause, the formal cause, is the design or pattern that gives form to the matter.

The third cause, the efficient cause, is the entity that gives the matter the form.

Life and Mind. Aristotelian themes in contemporary philosophy - /09/, Paris (France)

The forth cause, the final cause, is the end, or purpose, of the synthesis of form and matter. In this example, to make a statue of Hermes, the material cause is the bronze matter out of which the sculptor carves the statue. The formal cause is the shape of Hermes, which is the design that gives the statue its form.