52 Weeks of Conscious Contact: Meditations for Connecting with God, Self, and Others

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The messages have come to fruition exactly as he said they would. Other times hes just been there waving or smiling in the dreams. Well last night I had a dream that I was on the other side?? And it felt like we were having a meeting discussing something important but when I woke up it was like a veil was put over me so I would not remember. Have you ever heard of anything like this? Any intuition as to what it means? It sounds to me like you experienced the realm of light, and then upon waking returned to the perceptual, fear-based world we inhabit.

There are also practices to help you better communicate with your spirit guides and angels! I love your article! I see my guides from the moment I wake up til I go to bed. I want them to connect and talk to me, how do I do that. Hi Austin! What makes you feel most calm and relaxed? I have been meditating for about 2 months.

Hi Sandy! Instead, when in meditation, present the question out loud, asking your guides to give you a sign.

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Be open to the very first thing that comes up. Sit in meditation like this each day for the next month and see what shifts! Thanks for the great article.

10 Simple and Beautiful Ways to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

I met my first spirit guide, Thollem, more than a couple of years ago. After having a dream, I woke up and wrote down the details of it which included his name. My second spirit guide came to me in a dream. During that same period of my life, I had seen the name Murtaugh three times.

Ebook 52 Weeks Of Conscious Contact Meditations For Connecting With God Self And Others

I also researched the meaning of the name Murtaugh which in Irish breaks down to navigating the seas of life. Who better to navigate the seas than a Navy officer!

So, every night, before I go to bed, I always thank them for being a guiding force in my life. I am so lucky to have discovered them. Curse words, insults, screaming, crying, and a bunch of weird random stuff. If those are spirit guides, clearly they hate me….. Your guides will only come from a place of love and support. Before going to sleep, set an intention and even say out loud that you are only welcoming in messages of positivity, love, and that which is of the greatest good for all.

I have a narrator in my dreams sometimes, it always the same voice, and it has happened since I was a little girl. My narrator has a posh British accent and my parents told me I always called my imaginary friend London.

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Could that be possible? Gorgeous Michelle! In order to connect with your guide or guides while awake, create a daily meditation practice. It might feel helpful to journal right after your meditation in order to keep your energy and creativity open to the messages. Try this for the next month and be open to all that comes up!

Sammy and Helen were the names that came to me. I physically touch a spirit the other morning and heard her say HEY in a surprised voice, then it was gone. I hope you can help me. This refers to astral projection.


Then I am violently sucked into a tunnel where my ears pop and my face contorts. My eyes will sqeeze shut my nose scrunches up and my mouth is forced open and my lips are contourted.

Prayer Meditation Music- Talk With God- Connect To Divine Source Within

I can see stars through the tunnel looking looking through a window and then I will land somewhere that looks dark and dreary but with a purple atmosphere with shapes and shadows with bald heads. Sometimes they look at me yet I cannot see their face. One time I landed and a cow shaped figure was next to me. I was terrified. Then I was sucked up again with the same violent face contorting and ear popping. I will land and body relaxes and then I will be sucked up again with continually being sucked right back up after few minutes of landing.

I can feel tunnel going right or left or up. I will open my eyes to end it and I will have headaches and back and leg pain. This happens every time I astral project. What is going on. Also just to let you know when I begin I concentrate on trying to open up my 3rd eye. Hi Becki. Ask the Universe for only safe, positive, and grounding experiences when meditating, praying, and doing any spiritual work. You can set this intention daily and practice feeling your feet firmly grounded on the floor.

My long deceased aunt came to me one afternoon to say I am sorry about Kenny my brother who passed I had not thought of her in at least 15 years. Would she be my guide??? Hi Jean. This will help you feel grounded and get some clarity. You can also ask your aunt these questions out loud, and check in with your inner guidance. I dont even have to meditate. I just call out to them and they are there. But its beautiful. My only concern is both my guides warn me of deaths in the family and of a friend.

I am not sure how I should deal with this.

Reward Yourself

Is there a reason why they are telling me this? Continue to set beautiful and healthy boundaries for communication. You can ask your guides to send you only positive information that betters your life and those around you. I have read this article a couple times and it really resonated with me.

52 Weeks of Conscious Contact

I got this over whelming warming feeling in my hands that moved up my arms. It was the most amazing thing ever. Thank you for this! I am so happy. Opening my third eye chakra was to overwlming. Know I know why even before I was in highschool I just suddenly caught my self talking to my own self like giving me an answer to my own question and know I really know it was them, and those sparkling white or like light yellow time to time that i thought like from the fairies movies people told me before that maybe I had eye problem as suddenly i see those sparkling dots around me and yes I can feel in presence as wll someone I feel cold in my head that someone is touching my head..

Kaylamgilm0ur gmail. Thank you for your time. Hi Kayla! Thanks for showing up here. Your guides will always come from a place of love. Try sitting in stillness in meditation and ask to connect with a loving, supportive energy.