Dictionary of American Young Adult Fiction, 1997-2001: Books of Recognized Merit

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Included are nearly alphabetically arranged entries for individual works, authors, characters, and settings. Many of these books were originally written for adults but have become popular among younger readers. Entries for works provide plot summaries and critical assessments, while author entries focus on those aspects of the writers' lives most relevant to literature for young people. The reference is a valuable selection tool for librarians and teachers and a useful guide for students. The nearly books in this volume received major awards between and , reflect the voices of different authors, and range from new to familiar themes.

Visit Seller's Storefront. Better World Books is proud to deliver not only great books, but also quality customer service. If you are not satisfied with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. Abebooks will provide you with our contact information after you place your order. We will get back to you as soon as possible to resolve any order issues to your satisfaction. Feeding the whole child. This aticle is about how the free school lunch program was extended at the SDCL. It never occurred to me that libraries would do this. They are usually places of learning but it was feasible.

I work at the East Los Angeles Public Library and it sees its fair share of latchkey children and lower income families. This is a great program. The library would be a great place to host such a program in collaboration with Parks and Rec. The article shows that the program in San Diego feeds both minds and mouths. Hargadon, Steve. Web 2. School Library Journal. This is a short informative article on the newest web 2. Students go to them for their expertise in all things that are not classroom related like an appointment on the library computer to check his or her myspace page.

Blowers, Helene. This article gives ten tips to 23 Things tutorials and how it can enhance not only the library but its usefulness in the workplace. This article describes how learning 2. It is a resource tool for resources. If you get what that means.

Krug, J. Retrieved September 22,. Gill, C. California School Library Association Journal , 29, September 24, , from EbscoHost.

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In this article, Gill, a library media teacher, facilitates several discussions with her middle school students about their right to choose to read what they want to read by celebrating Banned Books Week. Gill is a shining example among LIS professionals, who effectively addresses censorship and controversial literature in schools and libraries with thought provoking activities and curriculum development around the 1 st amendment, intellectual freedom, and censorship.

She writes with the authority that comes from several years of professional experience. Winter Graphic Novels for. The main purpose of this article is to assess the validity of a burgeoning new format, graphic novels, as a literary art form.

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This article facilitates a discussion by looking at many sides of the issues surrounding graphic novels. Graphic novels are highly circulated in libraries and are read by many young people. They help youth develop their literacy skills. Graphic novels and comics are particularly effective with some of the most vulnerable students including: visual learners, multicultural youth, second-language students, as well as reluctant readers and learning disabled students. This article will help LIS professionals see the benefits of using graphic novels in programming, collection development, and for outreach in the community.

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Graphic formatted books, because of their popularity with youth are often an effective bridge for reluctant readers, learning disabled, at risk youth, and visual learners, helping them to continue to develop their literacy skills and stay engaged in the learning process as children grow into young adults. Healthy Minds. This website is a great source for not only parents but also librarians who may have the need to refer someone who might have a mental health issue.

In the webstie there is a section dedicated to parents who would like more information if they believe their child might be having a mental illness. The section goes over a series of mental illnesses and the signs one should be aware of. This page is also extremely helpful because it has information for different minorities who may need information in their language. The last section of the website is also dedicated for parents giving them pointers on how to talk to their children due to all the natural disaters which have occurred.

This page is extremely useful and important for people to have handy for the future. Brenner, R. Understanding manga and anime.

All Time Favorite Young Adult Books!

Westport, Conn: Libraries Unlimited. If you have been left in the dark when it comes to the subject of manga and anime, this book is a great help. The text walks the reader through a brief history of the topic, introduces vocabulary, provides a discussion of common subjects in manga and anime, and even contains a chapter on programming and collection development.

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  • The site contains an extensive list of literature that can be searched by author, title, or general grouping. There is also a list of young adult books that addresses glbtq topics, though some recent titles are not represented. This is an excellent resource for finding more authors and titles that might be of interest to teens.

    Vandergrift, K. Vandergrift's YA Literature Page. Children's Literature. Teacher Librarian: TL Toolkit. TL publishes an annotated website of the month, often excellent resources for teacher-librarians or YA librarians looking for teen resources on the web. Archives go back to The Mid-Continent Public Library updates their Juvenile Series and Sequels page daily, allowing users to search by series title, book title, series author, or series subject.

    Internet Public Library: Pathfinders. Resources for the School Librarian n. An extensive, high quality compilation of resources on the web for school librarians.

    Books of Recognized Merit

    Websites are listed by topics, including: general resources, school libraries and librarians, associations, listservs, periodicals, information literacy resources, teaching and using the web, and curriculum. Bakestraw, Marsha. Teens now prefer older magazines in general, gravitating to magazines aimed at adults like National Geographic, People and Cosmopolitan. More of these magazines now have teen versions such as CosmoGirl and TeenVogue.

    Teens are more attracted than ever to making up their own content for publishing. Social networking sites and magazines that have become either web based or with a web component, are outlets for this activity. The article listed many magazines, and the pros and cons of subscribing to each one.

    Magazine subscriptions were touted as a way of bringing teens into the Young Adult section without having to invest a great deal of money, since magazines are still relatively cheap and easily cancellable. Exner, Nina Young Adult Library Services, 5 3 , p This article offers an extremely useful breakdown of how to incorporate manga into a collection.

    It tackles some of the particular conventions of the medium, giving an overview of where librarians may run into problems in choosing titles. It also offers easy-to-use charts of popular titles and other similar titles that readers may enjoy, alleviating some of the problems in learning about a topic that may be new to many teen librarians. Great Web Sites for Kids.

    Each subject is broken down into further subcategories that are more specific to the main topic.


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    The Committee is made up of educators from elementary schools and universities, as well as librarians. Websites can be searched by target audience, keyword, or by URL. The site also has a key that notes the grade appropriateness as well as whether the site would be useful for parents and teachers. In addition, the selection criteria for the Websites are readily accessible and users also have the option to suggest a site of their own, if it fulfills the requirements of the criteria.

    Great Web Sites for Kids would be useful when trying to develop pathfinders for children and teens that are looking for resources to complete school projects, especially since the site includes specific class subjects. Spencer, Pam. Detroit: Gale Research Inc. Though it's an older reference work, the information included in each entry is really valuable. Except for the citations and annotations that all other reference sources include in their entries, this source also includes some added-value information in each entry such as "where it's reviewed", "award the book has won", "other books by the author" and "other books you might like".

    The format and arrangement for each entry makes this book not only good for reference but also good for browsing. Donelson, K. New York: Pearson Education. The textbook is divided into three main parts. The first section covers the foundational topics such as the characteristics of Young Adult literature, a brief history, and the current culture of the YA market.

    The second section gets to the heart of the subject, the genres. Each genre chapter covers its most renowned authors, offers recommended readings lists, gives a breakdown of the genre and includes a supplemental list of non-fiction books. The last section deals with getting those books into the hands of teen and its obstacles. Furthermore, author boxes throughout book highlight several prominent authors and their views on the issues of today.

    Gillespie, John T. Westport: Libraries Unlimited.