Koko Takes a Holiday

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Deeper motives aside, Koko has to stay alive, and luckily Flynn has a little time on his hands, at least until the next mass suicide event called Embrace. So, Flynn is a great boon to Koko, since his previous position in security gives him access to some areas that Koko never would have been able to penetrate.

He hints at mass environmental devastation and of course, The Sixty Islands that people go to in order to participate in violent sex and simulated mass slaughter scenarios is really not a future that I find endearing. The action sequences are fantastic and fairly brutal at times. That aside, Koko is a great foil for the dour Flynn and maybe she can give Flynn a much needed kick in the proverbial pants….

Can Koko and Flynn outrun some of the most brutal bounty hunters in the biz?

Cyberpunkish: A review of Koko Takes a Holiday

Will Flynn give into Depressus and seek the final solution? And just why the hell is Delacompte really after Koko? Get comfortable with masochism and learn to enjoy it. Remember that book you dragged your eyeballs through several years back?

How did you like the book?

You have a bone to pick? Pick it. Get it off your chest.

Wrap up your issues in metaphor and verbal pyrotechnics and take those bastards to the woodshed. Drive your message straight through their still beating hearts. Reading requires some level of functional intelligence so have faith in your reader. If the story makes sense to you then guess what?


Koko takes a holiday Kieran Shea

In all likelihood it should make sense to them. Be brave and write in ways you think are beyond you. Push yourself until the words break and then push yourself some more.

To put it another way, the dancehall is on fire and the doors are locked. You can either die screaming in a full-on panic or you can grab the pretty girl by the hand and kick out the door. Kieran Shea: Website Twitter.

Koko Takes a Holiday

Wendy Christopher June 19, AM. I am also loving the cover — and the premise of the story. Is the former another Joey Hifi masterpiece, by any chance? What'shername June 19, PM.

Family EID Holiday in a Cottage Yorkshire, UK Day 1 (KoKo Vlogs #64)

Kieran June 19, PM. Gareth Spark June 19, PM. Great advice. Looking forward to reading the book. Marc Cabot June 20, AM.

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I am totally in favor of this. I try to make even my creepy stroke-books give the reader something to think about. Besides that.