Painted Blossoms: Creating Expressive Flower Art with Mixed Media

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First, we create a beautiful environment conducive to loving one another, our creative process, and ourselves. We throw rose petals on the ground and burn sweet-smelling candles. We dress ourselves in gowns that make us feel alive and festive and desirable. We honor and seduce the creative spirit. We practice yoga and dance to clear our energy channels and allow the flow of creative energy to find expression.

We visualize how our heart participates in the loving act of creation. This helps us tap into our intuition and emotions rather than work from our critical mind. We listen to a playlist of love songs I created, and we sing aloud. Singing activates our throat chakra, the energetic center in our body connected with creativity and communication and finding our voice. We sway our hips and awaken the creative parts of ourselves as we paint. We let our emotions flow freely onto the canvas.

We become one with our creative process. We continue to paint and keep accepting and loving our art into being while simultaneously accepting and loving ourselves. Add your birthday.

Painted Blossoms: Creating Expressive Flower Art with Mixed Media - Carrie Schmitt - Google книги

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Mixed Media - Monday!!! - Rainbow Flowers ... Inspired by Carrie Schmitt

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You can sign up to listen and even ask live questions here. I started painting as a therapeutic practice to deal with my limitations from my heat allergy—not being able to go outside and do any physical activity was a huge emotional challenge for me.

This led to the awakening of my truest passion—creativity! I decided I wanted to make a living doing what makes me feel most alive so I began paying attention to how other fulltime artists were able to make this work in their lives. This proved to be invaluable as I began to put my art out in the world. I learned how to use social media and connect with an amazing community of artists who have provided support and inspiration over the years. Understanding how to navigate the business side has allowed my art to flourish much more quickly than it would have without this knowledge.

Most of my licensing deals have resulted from companies finding me on social media. My work is a celebration of color, lightheartedness and joy. I suppose this is my own subtle and peaceful response to this mixed up world. I hope people look at my art and somehow feel uplifted and smile.

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My process is intuitive and aligned with the belief that every mark made on the canvas was meant to be, aka there are no mistakes! I start my randomly applying paint and making various marks on the canvas. I continue to build layers of paint on top of each other to create depth, interest, and texture. Eventually, imagery usually in the form of flowers begin to reveal themselves to me. Sometimes this takes a long time and sometimes it happens quickly.

You can learn more about my different techniques in my book, Painted Blossoms. Inspiration is everywhere, which makes every moment of every day a treasure hunt.

When something takes my breath away or tugs at me on a soulful level, I pay attention. These objects that appeal to our senses are like mirrors for our soul. So by paying attention, I am able to find out more about my own style and express my unique creativity with the world.


My studio is in my home and looks like an indoor garden bursting with color and light. This space houses my joy and inspiration that is a reflection of my soul. Plants are a very important part of my space as well, as they are living companions that keep me company while I create.