Perceptual Computing

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Eden also showed off the new camera module: at about three inches, a fraction the size of Microsoft's own Kinect depth camera.

Security and privacy in perceptual computing

Eden declined to let the module be photographed. But, he said, Intel wouldn't be able to enable it with just the main microprocessor alone. Some of the technologies can be done in the cloud. But others can't, such as the real-time translation of Hebrew into English and vice versa, when the latency of sending data to and from a server is just "annoying," Eden said.

Perceptual Computing: Critical to Intel's Future

Eden said that Intel is already engaged in development work to make its vision a reality, but that that sort of development would take several years. Eden said that Intel would pursue a hybrid stategy of its own development work, acquiring talent, and taking licenses to technology it did not own. The new assistant wil run on both the Atom processor as well as the Core. Computer vision is sort of the opposite of a traditional 3D game, where a computer tells the graphics chips to render polygons in a certain way, noted Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy.

Perceptual Computing: Critical to Intel's Future

Instead, stereopsis—as it's known—translates the real world into a virtual landscape that the machine can understand. Both require massive amounts of computing power.

It's likely that the standalone chip is a DSP or other controller that's always on, and always listening, a way to save power when the PC is on the move, Moorhead said. That's the same approach that the Moto X smartphone uses to always "listen" for a user's commands. Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, , Barcelona.

Women Engineers On the Rampant Sexism of Silicon Valley

Detection of people to count the number of people that pass through a given point of a store or for a customer classification demographic age, gender, race. Automatic detection of cars and people to develop support systems driving.

Semantic-Cognitive-Perceptual Computing - Spring 2018: Lecture 7

Computer vision is a horizontal technology that has found applications in virtually all economic sectors:. Facilities and equipment Current techniques of computer vision often require a lot of calculations on a large number of images. Developing and applying new techniques in various sectors to detect and track people, and for the automatic classification of different types of objects food items, cars, traffic signals, etc. Medical image analysis.

Extensive experience in the processing and analysis of three highly innovative medical procedures: Intravascular ultrasound images applied to analyze coronary diseases Intraluminal images applied to the detection of intestinal motility disorders; Images of the brain applied to diagnose various mental diseases hyperactivity, obesity, etc. Industry Sectors Computer vision is a horizontal technology that has found applications in virtually all economic sectors: Commercial Sector: chain stores, supermarkets, cooperatives, etc.

Research groups of the UB

Industrial sector: food, electronics, textiles, etc. Health sector: medical research, healthy lifestyle, technology, diagnostics, etc. TIC Sector: sensing, web systems, mobile, embedded systems, etc. Sector multimedia and video games: an analysis of human behaviour, etc.

Image analysis of portable cameras for applications related to the lifestyle of the people or their memory.