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One hour later, he smashed Stockfish, and the promise was honoured. Ratings are calculated using the Glicko-2 rating method developed by Mark Glickman. This is a very popular rating method, and is used by a significant number of chess organisations FIDE being a notable counter-example, as they still use the dated Elo rating system. Fundamentally, Glicko ratings use "confidence intervals" when calculating and representing your rating. The represents your rating, and the represents the confidence interval. It is incredibly uncertain.

Because of this, when a player is just starting out, their rating will change very dramatically, potentially several hundred points at a time. Another point to note is that, as time passes, the confidence interval will increase. Concretely, it means that the Glicko-2 deviation is greater than The deviation is the level of confidence the system has in the rating. The lower the deviation, the more stable is a rating.

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The 2nd requirement is so that players who no longer use their accounts stop populating leaderboards. It is best not to think of ratings as absolute numbers, or compare them against other organisations. Different organisations have different levels of players, different rating systems Elo, Glicko, Glicko-2, or a modified version of the aforementioned. These factors can drastically affect the absolute numbers ratings. Saying "I have X rating" means nothing unless there are other players to compare that rating to.

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Enable Zen-mode in the display preferences or by pressing z during a game. About lichess. It is pronounced lee-chess. How can I contribute to Lichess? Lichess is powered by donations from patrons and the efforts of a team of volunteers. Are there websites based on Lichess? Blitz Tactics Blunder Bomb lidraughts. Why am I flagged for artificial rating manipulation sandbagging and boosting or computer assistance? When am I eligible for the automatic rating refund from cheaters?

What is done about players leaving games without resigning? How can I become a moderator? Is correspondence different from normal chess? What variants can I play on Lichess? Lichess supports standard chess and 8 chess variants. What is "average centipawn loss"? The computer analysis on Lichess is powered by Stockfish. Losing on time, drawing and insufficient material In the event of one player running out of time, that player will usually lose the game.

Why can a pawn capture another pawn when it is already passed?

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What titles are there on Lichess? Verifying as a titled player on Lichess gives access to play in the Titled Arena events. Finally there is an honorary Lichess Master LM title. This honorific title is unofficial and only exists on Lichess. What can my username be? Unique trophies The way of Berserk That trophy is unique in the history of Lichess, nobody other than hiimgosu will ever have it.

What rating system does Lichess use? Why is there a question mark? The question mark means the rating is provisional. Reasons include: The player has not yet finished enough rated games against opponents of similar strength in the rating category. Not to judge a book by it's cover well actually, to do exactly that , but anybody who has seen the cover of recent books like Gambit publishing's new edition of the AMAZING Secrets of Pawn Endings the much better original cover can be seen here , has to agree that chess book covers are often embarrassingly ugly.

So hats off to Mongoose Press for producing a chess book I wouldn't be afraid to read in public. But back to the book. Chess Gems is fantastic. While in one sense Sukhin's work is very run of the mill, merely a collection of 1, chess puzzles, the presentation is original and the samples are well chosen. The positions are organized chronologically instead of the typical thematic or difficulty-based organization. I found this surprisingly enjoyable as flipping through the book was a journey through chess history. Chapters five on Anderssen and Morphy and eleven on Capablance, Alekhine, and Euwe are particularly enjoyable.

Sukhin even includes a chapter on Shatranj. Each chapter includes a brief historical overview alongside a number of examples with text explanations and analysis.

Then at the end of each chapter is a "How Would You Play? Again, this is typical fare, but beautifully presented. If you're looking for a relaxing book where you'll learn a good deal about the history of chess and improve your tactical skills, don't hesitate to order Chess Gems, one of the most refreshing books of it's kind that I've seen.

This book has the same engaging literary style with the addition of many games from the author's own practice some as current as This is not a repetoire book along the lines of "see variation A4b1" but Moskalenko does a very good job of offering more than one option against all the major White choices Advance, Tarrasch, Classical plus coverage of many minor systems KIA, Wing Gambit, Exchange, Anti-Winawer, etc.

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Please note, you will not find the main line Winawer Poisoned Pawn tG, imho. Instead there is material on I was pleased to note that the bibliography includes recent works by Sveshnikov, Watson, and Psakhis. You are an expensive friend! For one thing, Kmoch's book also influenced me a lot. You can see it in some of my kibitzing--I almost always comment on pawn structures.

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I even remember telling someone here that when I set up a position on the board for analysis, I always set up the pawns first before putting on any pieces. Kmoch's book seems to come in for a lot of criticism because of the idiosyncratic and arcane terminology that Kmoch uses. It never bothered me because I didn't know anything different at the time. For one, i'm very poor in handling pawns. I have a book "Pawn Structure Chess" by my fave author Andy Soltis though my pawn-handling ability still needs some polishing.

I made a game collection of all the games and even uploaded some to the site to complete it : Game Collection: Understanding Pawn Play in Chess by D. Marovic The nice thing is that you can download the collection and play through the games on your computer if you wish. Also, you might want to just play through some of them to get an idea about the games in the book. What's the big fuss? The publisher New In Chess advertised him as the youngest published chess author in history beating Bobby Fischer by a year or two.

Junior World Champion Daniel Naroditsky teaches very practical lessons, based on his own experience. Daniel Naroditsky turns out to be not only a remarkable chess prodigy, but also a born writer and instructor who gives crystal-clear verbal explanations on the essence of positional chess. In a special introduction Daniel? An astonishing work and an instructive delight.

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