The Crisis of London

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City and Hackney Crisis Pathway Services. Call This is a walk-in service.

The War to Live in London: Regeneration Game (Part 1/3)

Although you can call us or email us if you prefer. All mental health and psychological conditions. It is open to everyone. Gomersall, who works in recruitment and now lives in Birmingham, says the practice of using auctions for permanent moorings and the tighter restrictions for continuous cruisers are making boating more difficult and expensive.

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Many of the newcomers are young professionals, according to Trower. The new occupants of these permanent commercial moorings include leisure boat businesses, a bookshop, a restaurant and bar, and a floating community centre operated by a church.

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The CRT has also restricted boats from running their diesel engines and banned them from burning anything in their stoves that gives off smoke in a newly created eco-mooring zone of the canal in Islington. We want everybody to be able to enjoy the canals and in one section we are asking people to think about how they can make a greater contribution to the environment.

He added that the CRT does not allow developers to take rings away and privatise the towpath. However, he would not rule out selling off further mooring spaces along the towpath to businesses, pointing out that businesses bring in thousands of new people to the canals.

Streets of London | Crisis | Together we will end homelessness

Before businesses got involved with regenerating areas Tommo Stuart Thomson has set up two businesses on the canals in the past two years: Barge East, a bar and restaurant barge permanently moored in Hackney Wick, and SkunaBoats, which rents out floating hot tubs in Islington, typically to people in their mids.

The canals, he points out, were originally built for commercial operations - so businesses using the canals to make money is nothing new. He perceives the canals as valuable spaces for people in the city to unwind, not just to live. Formerly quiet areas of the canal in Paddington have become much livelier in the evenings, attracting more diverse, younger crowds, says Simon Ryder, who runs the charity The Floating Classroom, teaching local children about the ecology and heritage of the canals from a barge moored there.

Streets of London

Graham Ryder accepts the need to share the canal with other users, but feels angry that his way of life is being eroded. It was rebuilt by volunteers when it fell into disrepair. Each step in turn sends institutions spiraling down. This search for yield leads to more risk-taking. It is a systemic problem, says Professor Portes.

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He maintains that banks in Europe are still weak. Non-performing loans are being kept on balance sheets to avoid the banks from taking a hit. A little understood new threat to financial stability are the central counterparties, according to Professor Portes. After the crisis the authorities insisted that central counterparties take the risk between agreement and implementation.

The trouble is these institutions are absolutely enormous.

Johnson should beware – forcing a crisis rarely ends well for aspiring strongmen

The London Central Clearing House transacts trillions. If one of these institutions failed we would be in big trouble. Ultimately the risk, however high, is something we must all learn to live with.

Brexit and housing crisis combining to cause exodus from London

Some of those risks go bad. If a lot of them go bad at the same time, you have a crisis. Historically, there have been dozens and dozens over the centuries. And they are often very costly.