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Definitely catered toward a younger audience, but it was completely enjoyable to me as an adult. What a wonderful find!

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Jun 26, Jess Lane rated it liked it. This book was just mediocre. Nothing very compelling about the characters. The plot for kidnapping kids is the smallest part of the book maybe the last 50 pages if that. Aug 25, 06erinb rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-reports. Troll Fell was an amazing book.

I didn't like putting it down because of how unpredictable it is. It is full of adventure, it changes a lot, and it never gets boring.

I would definatly recommend it to young adults who like that type of book. The book Troll Fell takes place in an area called Troll Fell. It is in the mountains next to the sea. A big part of the story is the trolls in the hill, so the story could not take place anywhere else. One of the main parts of the story is that the trolls st Troll Fell was an amazing book. One of the main parts of the story is that the trolls store magic treasures inside the hill but no one knows where it is exactly.

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It is told that if anyone is to fall upon one of their treasures such as a goblet or a bracelet, they will have continuous back luck. The story begins with the main character named Peer Ulfsson at his father's funeral. He has no other family, but the all the villagers care for him like their family member.

Hooray for the hearth-sprite

Then a bulky man interrupts the funeral, demands for Peer, claims him his slave, and takes everything his father had owned to sell. The man turns out to be one of Peer's twin step-uncles who owns the mill in Troll Fell. He takes him away from his home and town and makes him a servant at his home there. Peer does not know that his uncles are going to get rid of him for Troll's gold. They are unimaginably greedy, thinking of anything they can possibly do to get the gold and eventually take over Troll Fell.

Almost like being kings over it. Meanwhile, Peer makes friends with another girl in town named Hilde. He finds out that her father has been sailing a longship all summer, and they eventually find out that he is most likely not returning. Throughout the book, Hilde and Peer plan out different ways to help Peer escape from his uncles so he can live with her family.

But just before he has a chance to escape, his uncles carry out their horrible plan for the gold and mess up everything. But it doesn't involve Peer anymore. He is the only one witnessing the crime, the only one who can stop them. What goes through his head is, "What can you do? Forget you saw it. No one will ever know. Then Hilde's father returns and rescues Peer and Hilde.

He says, "East, West; home's best," the night he comes home. The theme of Troll Fell to me is, Greed and brains do not get you what you want; they can often bring horrible consequenses. Feb 16, Kate Jelfs rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I thought that this was a magical story of someone being thrown into cruel hands, fighting bravely, and getting a happy ending. I'm wondering whether Hilde's parents considered the possible implications of allowing a boy she liked as a friend, so far to live with them, but it's still a great book! Sep 29, Sam Whitehouse rated it really liked it. Any book that is based on Norse mythology is a winner with me, and Katherine Langrish's Troll Fell the first in a trilogy offered up pretty much everything i like in a book.

It's a shame Greek mythology gets all the attention when Norse is just as cool and interesting. But now Norse gets a chance in this first book in the Troll trilogy - and it's a great read. In a style akin to Alan Garner, Langrish writes a vivid world to set her story in. It's easy to imagine and become lost in the harsh we Any book that is based on Norse mythology is a winner with me, and Katherine Langrish's Troll Fell the first in a trilogy offered up pretty much everything i like in a book.

It's easy to imagine and become lost in the harsh weather and rugged landscapes of this book. Langrishs's writing style is very readable; a great balance between old-fashioned fairy tale and contemporary story telling. The story itself isn't all that complex: set in viking times, a young boy loses his father and ends up living with his cruel uncles who have ulterior motives.

But there are enough twists and action and adventure to keep the pages flying by and the pace pretty fast. As for the characters, for the most they are well-rounded and easily identifiable. The two uncles were the best characters, gruesomely realised and evil. The protagonist, Peer, was a little too whiny at times to like, but as the novel progresses so does he. Overall, this a brilliant read, ideal for fans of mythology based folkloric tales. It's aimed at a middle grade audience but as a young adult, i thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be reading the two sequels.

Tightly paced, some great action, plenty of fantasy and a great world to read about. May 09, Cindy rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy-children , The book opens at a funeral. Peer's father has just died after completing a new longboat. Before the funeral is even over, Peer's uncle shows up to claim Peer and any money or valuables left to take off with him to Troll Fell.

Peer has no choice but to move in with his two cruel uncles, who treat him as a servant, sometimes remember to feed him, and hit him whenever they feel like it.

TROLL FELL by Katherine Langrish | Kirkus Reviews

Peer's only friend on the place, and it's a unpredictable friend too, is a sort of house spirit called a Nis. In The book opens at a funeral. In time he meets the family who live in the farm below theirs and becomes friends with Hilde. Her father sails off for adventure in the longboat Peer's father build, leaving them to fend for themselves against the rotten Grimssons and the trolls. The trolls - they live in the hill nearby, when they aren't coming out and trying to steal things, and they have a huge treasure trove buried under the hill. Peer's uncles are much too friendly with them for his taste, and he soon learns about a deal that will put him and Hilde in a lot of danger.

I liked this book, but I felt it took too long to get to the action. Everyone seemed to accept living that close to the trolls and then when trouble erupted, they were still too slow to act. I don't think the actions of most of the characters are very believable. I understand this is the first in a trilogy.

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  4. I don't think I'll make a special effort to look for the next books, but I wouldn't mind reading them if I found them. Jul 15, Bonn rated it it was ok Shelves: books-i-own. On the whole, this was neither a fabulous nor a terrible book. It was not at all the kind of story I expected it to be, but this is not inherently a reason to dislike it. I generally expected a children's story about running off to discover trolls and their gold and have fairytale adventures without the adults ruining all the fun. But instead there was a lovely undertone of On the whole, this was neither a fabulous nor a terrible book.

    But instead there was a lovely undertone of Nordic myth and legends in a story about death, mourning, torture, neglect, starvation, and kidnapping.

    See a Problem?

    It was confusingly grim. Just as I shifted my perspective to accomodate a more intricate and complex plot, the ending suddenly felt childlike again and therefore was something of a let down. Though I liked the two main characters, I was easily distracted away from this book. Finishing it became a task and a chore rather than a delight. This experience really begged the question whether or not It is fair to judge a book by how it lives up to my own predictions and expectations.

    Afterall, some books I praise for doing just that: surprising me and being unpredictable and therefore "fresh", "inventive", and "clever". In a technical way this book was all those things, yet I am dissatisfied. Mar 10, Cathrin Hagey rated it it was amazing. In Troll Fell , Katherine Langrish creates an ancient Norse setting that is both eerily familiar and strikingly strange. It is a sparsely populated world inhabited by human characters as varied as any we might find in our own lives, and by trolls and other beings from Norse legend and myth. Peer is a boy on the verge of manhood.